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Battling Toxicity with Loving Detachment

November 14, 2018

We all have been in a situation or environment that felt toxic, right? Sometimes, due to what we are going through or someone we love is going through, that relationship can even feel toxic. On occasion, we must endure someone who is truly just a toxic person. There are times when all of these toxic elements can crash in on each other – and one…

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Self-Care Craftiness

November 6, 2018

Hey y’all! With this month ushering in the holiday season and earlier, darker evenings, I wanted to bring a little cheer (and maybe some gift ideas or anxiety-reducing fun) to the blog. Creativity is such a huge part of my self-care regimen, and I love to craft as part of that. I love crafting even more when the outcome will help me bring light and…

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Enjoy The Now – A Guided Meditation

October 24, 2018

Deep Breath….in….out Release the day Release the “shoulds” Feel gratitude for this time to ground yourself     Deep Breath….in….out Place your hand over your heart Feel all the love that resides there Hold all those you love in the light Hold yourself in the light     Deep Breath….in….out Keep holding yourself in the light Congratulate yourself on all you are Encourage yourself in…

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Change is the worst

October 13, 2018

Guys, I have told myself for years and years that I hate change. For several of those years, I really did. Change threw me into an anxiety spiral, I had surges of crushing panic and lashed out at the people around me. Change is so bizarre, isn’t it? For me, I feel like the lack of control when it comes to change is what triggers…

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The Three Main Questions to Ask When Crafting a Vision Statement

October 3, 2018

Hey there! If you’ve purchased my guidebook, you know that a major part of my process is crafting a vision statement. I know, I know! Everyone and their dog has had you put together a vision statement, and it’s just kind of silly, right? I get it! I really do. When I first started working on different versions of life inventories and vision statements, I…

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Authenticity + Vulnerability = Clarity

September 15, 2018

Self-compassion is such a gift. We all have that small voice that seems to express our most honest needs and desire. A lot of the time, we tune out that inner voice, and when we do acknowledge it we excuse it or ignore it or reason ourselves out of acting on it. When you begin to allow yourself to be more vulnerable, and you work…

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Self-Care Basics

August 16, 2018

Hey y’all! What are the basics of self-care, and how do we use them to build intentional self-care routines? The Three Pillars: There are three major components to self-care. Positive Self-Talk Self-Compassion Intentional Habit Building Positive self-talk is just what it sounds like. Do you listen to yourself when you talk to yourself? What kinds of things do you say? This was the first and…

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Permission To Be Yourself

August 1, 2018

Hello Friends! I am so glad you are here! I want to talk for a minute about self-care. What it is, what it looks like, and how it can help you. You ever hear that adage, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Is your next immediate thought, “Well, then what have I been doing all these years?” Yep, me too. So how do we…

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